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Nov 15, 2013 11:00am PST
sunshine beaming un . >> yes. sunscreen appropriate for this afteoon. he's something you don see very often. look at all the temperatures. they areearlyniform for all e different microclimates across the bayarea you'll notice here our san francisco camera srting to get a shake to it. those winds are picking up. we'll we're looking for the high here arod 65 degrees, and we're goingo see lot of temperature spraegs throughout the day toda weak disturnce dame through. that's what kked up the nds. we're going toeep our temperatures on the cool side. talk about all the different microclimates for this friday. in the south bay looki good. mode 60s head your way. los gados. san francisco, a little on the cool side in pacific hehts. you'll be at 62 degrs. we'rlooking great in the north 68 for petaluma. east bay, looking nice. 67 degrees. of course, the warmest spot is usually thetri-valley. you too will only end up in the low to mid 60s by ts afternoon. let's talk about what we' headed towards as we get into this weekend. today will be mild. the wi will continue t whip out there. for yo weend,
Nov 22, 2013 11:00am PST
. >>> brand new world record by forming the largest human christmas tree ever. >> they donned red, green, and brown hoodies. it was an event arranged by one of the largest shopping malls. the previous record for the world's largest human christmas tree was set in 2011 by 672 people here in germany. >> i remember that back in 2011. >> i'm sure you do. to the relief of parents, the christmas tree was not in the form of a human pyramid, as you just saw. it was more of an exercise in crowd control, as the group assembled into a tree-like formation on the ground. the record was set in 15 minutes and 29 seconds. >> a monumental congratulations there. always a huge fan of world records no matter how unusual they are. hats off, kids. well played. >>> that's it for us on this friday. thank you for being with us. our next newscast at 5:00. you can always get the latest information on-line. >> have you gotten your christmas trees yet? >> no. >> that would be a world record, to do something early on that front. >> bye. have a great weekend. - liz, there's someone in the apartment. someone who thinks you'
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2